Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita… Take #5/Final Reminder & Court Summons


I’d like to say I have a good excuse for not reading Master and Margarita as promised to do so in a previous blog post… To be honest, I think moving three times in the last half a year, giving birth and subsequently dealing with a newborn pretty much is a good excuse as they come… was it not for the fact that I’ve read ~20 other books since.

(However, we can agree aforementioned events that have taken place in the last half a year is a legitimate reason for abandoning this blog until now.)

I did begin to read Master and Margarita soon after finishing Heart of a Dog, however, I’m beginning to think there’s a curse attached to this book as I couldn’t make it past the third chapter! Again! For some reason, as soon as Berlioz is hit by the streetcar, I just seem to be killed off as a reader as well. I hit the reading wall and find it hard to continue. I probably read a little bit more this last attempt, but I honestly can’t remember anything past the end of the third chapter.

It’s a total sin to leave this classic unread, and even though I may take long breaks with books sometimes, I don’t like leaving a book unfinished. One more attempt. This time I’m going to set aside the Volokhonsky & Pevear translation I own and try the Burgin & O’Connor translation instead. Maybe translation is the problem here, or maybe it’s as Ariel says: “that book is so boring” (and an outcry of confusion and shock in response from newly acquired Russian relatives).

[Accidental treasure found: Iker Spozio’s Master and Margarita project.]


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